Friday, September 10, 2010

Short Mention of History and How It Influences My Designs

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One of my favorite things is anime. I love it. Actually I love many thing Japanese. I even plan to visit Japan in February if another travel spot doesn't pop up in its place.  Anyway, from anime came my love of historical Japanese fashion. I have to admit the hakamas have been a huge influence on one of my designs.

What are hakamas, you ask? We've all seen them. Although Japanese hakamas go way back in their history, around  the Edo period (1603-1867 AD), the hakamas are still used today in Kendo competitions. But you have probably seen them many times on depictions of Japanese samurai. Whether it was anime, film, or pictures,  hakamas are best known as the super wide leg pants usually worn by samurai warriors.

I am, by no means, an expert on historical Japanese fashions. I wouldn't call myself an expert on anything. ( Well that's not completely true. I am an expert candlemaker (chandelier), although it is a craft I don't do as much today.  I'm also pretty good with the anime, having been watching it for many years before it became so popular here in the US. But I don't classify myself as an expert because I feel there's so much left to learn.  Not so with the candle making. ) But when it comes to fashions, like everyone, I know what I like. There is something so sexy about seeing a  man in hakamas.  Most people don't know this, but hakamas are completely open on the sides. What you see is a long kimono shirt that sticks down in them past the opening. This allows for the flexible and ease of movement that kendo competitors and samurai need to fight.

I designed my own version of the wide leg pant and made it in linen because that's one of my most favorite fabrics to work with. These are my

Samurai Linen Wide Leg Pants

As you can see I made the legs superwide and it has a gorgeous tie cut on the bias. These can be worn anywhere and they really make a statement. Linen makes the breathable and comfortable. I offer them in seven colors. To see my listing...

See! I did throw in some history. And I've also managed to introduce you to one of my designs. Today is a good day.


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