Friday, February 12, 2010

In the works...

For the past month, I've been working on my inventory for a show I have in March. Actually, I have two shows. Not enough inventory to start out, but I work on that every day. Day in, day out. Some days I don't even go out of the house. All I do is work right now. That's to be expected when you start a business. I'm sure I'm not saying anything that any other entrepreneur has said when they first start out. So I've got no cause to whine.

My background in design and making clothes have begun to take the forefront. I've opened an Etsy shop to feature my clothes. The shop is called Fine-Threadz! Awesome, huh? I love the name. At first is was Fine-Ragz, but I just couldn't reconcile my vision with that name. Sounds a bit too punk rock for me. Nothing wrong with punk rock, just not the direction I wanted to head. So I cast that shop aside and Fine-Threadz it is. A subsidiary of Fine-Thangz. I like using that word... subsidiary. Well don't go running off to check out Fine-Threadz because there isn't a thing listed yet. Won't be doing that until after March. Gotta keep working on the inventory and I've got my 2010 designs in the works as we speak.

For all my high ideal and visions, I didn't really start to feel like a business owner until I got a merchant account a few days ago. I can now take American Express, Visa or Mastercard. That's big shit! LOL! Being able to accept credit cards at the craft shows was "mucho importante" It was one of the items on my "Big Ass List". This is a list of all of the things I would need to get my business up and running. On this list were things like, body forms, show displays, tables, custom clothing labels, a tent.... The rest was mostly supplies for making stuff. The big ass list was purely business stuff. Well there are now only four items left on the list. It started out at sixteen items, so you can imagine how busy I have been.

Still more to do.