Monday, December 13, 2010

I Simply Must Have It - OPI Shatter!!!!

One of my most favorite fashion accessories isn't, technically, an accessory! Nail polish. But I tend to like very nontraditional colors. This is someone who has three different shades of black in her collection. And when you get right down to it, no, even all blacks aren't the same.

My favorite brand of nail enamel is OPI. Only once you get your hand on some OPI... or rather get some on your hands, will you too find out that not all nail enamels are created equal. It last longer. It chips less. The colors are in the hundreds, but they can be hard to find locally. Try Ebay. Anywhooo OPI is about to introduce a black that crackles over a colored nail polish creating a leopardy print look.


Honestly I'm not sure who Katy Perry is (that's a lie) and I couldn't care less about whether some of the OPI line has Serena Williams' name on it (that's not a lie). I'm not interested in any of the other colors as I have plenty of colors of my own and all I really want is that black. 

I also want to mention visiting the OPI website is well worth it. It's a wonderful experience! This is where you can see all of their latest colors, sure. You'd expect that. What I like is the animated section where you can try on any of their colors. In this "Try This Color On" section you get to choose the tone of the hand, the nail length and to "virtually" try on all the colors they have to your little heart's desire without having to deal with a messy cotton ball. Really, what more could ask for? (Oh I know! Free nail polish!)

OMG! That is awesome. I just can't wait. However I heard it won't be out until the new year. Bummer. When I find it... and I will... I'll be sure to let you all know. 


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