Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bedroom Project.

Wish I had taken before and after photos but I didn't even think about it. Here's the results. New laminate floor without the red tones I dislike, painted walls a celery green and the closet is a deep earth tone green. Got the flower decal from a seller on Etsy out of Canada. Nice! Chair from IKEA, and I made the ottoman myself. Done.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

All business makes....

Business is starting to pick up and I'm starting to get really busy. But it can't all be about business, no matter what. So I'm also redecorating my bedroom. It hadn't been painted in 5 yrs. Before I had really strong colors. A golden wheat on the walls and red on the closet walls. But 5 yrs can change a body. This time I have a light celery green on the walls and a deep earthy green on the closet. I think the deep earthy green was a big mistake now that it's up, but what the hay.... I'll just live with it for another 5 yrs.

I had the carpet taken up and my sinuses are better already. Bought laminate flooring but I've had a hard time finding someone to do the job in my price range. Had a guy walk out on me. That's right... he just left. (Can't think of a followup to that last sentence.) So now I've got a guy coming this Saturday. We'll see. Anyway my bedroom is kinda large so I'm going to buy a chair for the corner, put a hanging lamp over it and add a retro atomic clock. For some reason I think those items will fit the new room. I'm just waiting to get the floor down. I looked at a few area rugs, and then thought about all of the hair on cowhide I have upstairs. I'm just going to make my own rugs. I think the cowhide will be an interesting effect/affect (never did know for sure how to use those two words)

Lets see, what else have I done? I got a new ceiling fan and new curtains. Most of the changes are big, like the wood laminate and the paint job. It looks great already.