Saturday, December 4, 2010

Top 10 Hottest Etsy Trends of 2010

Before the holiday season comes upon us, I wanted to take the time to introduce you to some of Etsy's hottest trends. For those of you who don't frequent Etsy, you should know, it's a world unto itself. I still consider myself quite new and some of the things that stunned me where their obsessions with things like mustaches, foxes, owls, geekery gear and all things vintage. I can understand the geekery and vintage, but so far I haven't been able to gain an appreciation for the mustaches, foxes and owls. Every time I see that kind of stuff on the front page I go WTF? Whose buying that stuff? Again, I have no idea. 

There are some really unique items on Etsy that mainstream has yet to really catch onto, but would probably welcome. This article is an introduction to just some of those wonderful items. So here it is, the Top 10 Hottest Etsy Trends of 2010.

10) Eco-Friendly Soy Candle - Rosewood VanillaGreen and environmentally friendly goods have now  become the standard in our society. It's no surprise that Etsian also want their candles to be eco-friendly! Plus the Rosewood Vanilla is just too elegant to pass up.

9) Vintage Books - Christmas In The HeartTruly, Etsian have embraced all things vintage, not just books. However vintage books are a wonderful stage setter for a more antique inspired home decor. 
8) Vegan Mineral Eye Shadow - Mother EarthAfter years of being bombarded with glittery chemical laden make-up products, here's a safer more natural alternative. Not to mention the horrible animal testing that those big companies do.
7) Aqua Shell and Pearl NecklaceEverywhere you turn there's jewelry, but the latest Etsy trend is to get your as something handcrafted by independent jewelry makers. This certainly ensures your girlfriend will not have gotten the same set from Tarjey and is going to be seen in it  the following week at the office. Don't you hate that!?!
6) Fingerless Arm Warmers - Pistachio Green Fingerless gloves and armwarmers come in many awesome styles on Etsy. The selections are endless. But I choose these because they are just perfect for winter and the unique detailing that went in to making them. Plus it's a gorgeous color!

5) Upcycle Ankle Spats - GoldfingerHere in Texas, we're no strangers to spats, but all of ours definitely come with a western twist. Imagine strutting your stuff in a set of these. They are also great for giving those old outdated boots a new look. Gorgeous!!!!
4) 8 x 10 Quote Print - It Is What It IsRemember when having a nest of photos on your wall became all the rage!?! Well Etsy takes it up a notch. Now you can have gorgeous artwork with a message included. You're no longer limited to abstract photos of family and friends, or black and whites you found in National Geographics! Embrace color!
3) Black on White NecklaceVictorian and Steampunk is making a comeback. Don't worry, I didn't know what Steampunk was either, but the first traces of it can be found in the movie "Dark City". A gorgeous mix of Victorian and Industrial. Clearly seen in this gorgeous necklace!
2) Handcrafted Soap - PomtiniThis soap looks good enough to eat (or drink). That is definitely the latest trend in soaps on Etsy. But there's no denying their elegance. Don't be afraid to get them wet. Indulge yourself!
1) Upcycle Necklace Scarf - GreenThe first time I saw a string scarf I was intrigued! I'd certainly never saw one of these at Marshal Fields! The first time I ever wore one, it got a lot of stares and even had a few people ask me about them. It's a trendsetter! And that's why this is the #1 Hottest Etsy Trend of 2010!!!!
I made sure to add the links to the photos for the wonderful shops that offer these great trendy items. Just hit the link to see more of what they have to offer. The shop owners are awesome ladies and they are so wonderful to work with!

Here is one of my own trendy items that I didn't add to the top 10.

Black Ruffle Party DressHere's Fine-Threadz contribution to the latest trends! Ruffles are definitely in this year and everyone has to have that little black dress for the holidays! Can't do New Years 2011 without one!



Alterdelenda said...

VERY In depth post! I absolutely adore it, and I'm doing a little dance right now because you put me in as your number one. Aweeee. hehe THANK YOU!

I really do need to get me some of that eyeshadow too! I'm in the need for some fresh new colors.

Aromacandles said...

I love this sooo much! Thank you for including my candle in with this very talented bunch of Etsians!

Fine-Threadz said...

I wasn't able to get AromaCandles picture to link up, so here's a link to her shop!!!

leelee said...

Great blog and I agree, very informative! Thank you for including my books and giving vintage thumbs up!

fivelittlegems said...

This is wonderful! I just love all these items you've chosen. And i'm so honored to be included among all the beauty. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!

tallulah said...

What a great post! Thanks for including 2 of my favorite pastimes all in one soap:
1. Drinking
2. Showering

But most of all, I'm so proud to be amongst all of these awesome Artisans!

tallulah said...

Thank you! Great post!

Fine-Threadz said...

Drinking and showering can take up a lot of time. Thank goodness for us you find time to make such wonderful soaps!!!

Chelsea Girl Designs said...

Sharon, I'm so grateful to be included here! This is a wonderful tribute to our talented team of Etsians and friends!

Woojoo said...

Great post! I love articles on top trends, and I always feel like what I find when Googleing is sponsored plugs that have no reflection on reality.

Danalia said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for including my eye shadow in this blog!! I really love it!!!