Saturday, December 31, 2011

FineThreadz - Living Casual: The End of 2011

FineThreadz - Living Casual: The End of 2011

The End of 2011

For my comeback I really grappled with what to talk about. Should I pretend I hadn't left? Should I apologize for my long neglect of my blog? Should we celebrate? I don't know. So, moving right along.

This past year has been a lesson in what it's like to taste the first bits of success in my business. A lot of mistake that I made taught me wonderful lessons in what my customers like and don't like. Designs had to be discontinued. There were some harsh lessons there. The giving in and admitting my customers don't like a particular design that I myself loved! So I often went back to the drawing board to create new designs! OMG....successful designs!

Bow Front Back Out Top

Since I've introduced the Bow Front Back Out Top, I seen a couple of Etsian attempting to create their own without blatantly copying but just a matter of time. I actually sat down and drew this design from scratch. This is always fun! Then a customer challenged me to make a dress. Done!

One of my favorite new designs of 2011 is the my infinity scarf. Yeah, I know... lots of designer make those. But I wanted something plush, chic, ritzy.....

Russian Husky Infinity Scarf
The Russian Husky Infinity Scarf was just introduced to my site this month so it's a bit to soon to gauge its success, but I sure do like it.

Earlier this spring I designed a shrug but I waned something with drama and flair. Also one that uses my favorite Eco-friendly modal knits.

Hooded Maxi Shrug

I wanted something the wearer could dress up or down. Something soft, comfortable and barely there. The Hooded Maxi Shrug really has been one of my biggest successes of 2011. Wonder how I'll top it in 2012?!?