Wednesday, May 2, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Countdown

I love True Blood! I actually loved the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris long before HBO picked them up and turned them into a series. With Season 5 looming closer, I realize there is a certain amount of preparation in order. One of the things we diehard watches must do is go back and watch Season 4 just to be ready for next season! So all in good fun, I'm adding a countdown to Season 5!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Attitude

Here comes a new season! Perfect time for a whole new attitude. With that in mind, I set to work creating a few pieces that were totally funky and edgy! After I got some of my new pieces made, I went on a journey to find a model that could interpret those designs in way that I visualized them.  A lot of my designs have always been edgy but I really wanted to step up to the next level in my design evolution. I think I found the right model for the job. So here's a sneak peak at some of my newest designs from this weekends shoot. Enjoy!

Kimono Sleeve Cropped Top & Zipper Front Circle Skirt

Zip Front Halter Top, Maxi Shrug, Diamond Lace Leg Warmers

Native Print Maxi Dress

Thigh High Legwarmers, Hiphugger Top, Tutu Underskirt

Kimono Sleeve Cropped Top & Zipper Front Circle Skirt

 We had so much fun with this shoot, we're already planning the next one! Not sure if I'll be
able to get the same model. Hope so. I wanted someone exotic. A rule breaker with strong presence. What do you think? Did we achieve that look? :-)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Simply Must Have It - Nail Strips

 Ahhh, there's nothing like Spring (and a great tax refund) to inspire us to update our wardrobe. It certainly inspires me to create something fun and light. I'm inspired by all sorts of things!

Pulling together the perfect look just isn't complete without slamming nails! The newest trend these days are nail strips or nail wraps. I guess they go by several names. I, personally, haven't had a chance to try them. But I think I'll give it a go.

I had seen them a few time in my favorite magazine, Lucky, but I never said to myself, "Oh, let me run out and get me some of those!" This isn't a product review because, let's face it. I sew for a living and my nails take a beating. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy looking at them or waste my hard earned money buying a set that I'll probably never have time to use. And it sure isn't a good reason why I can't share with you some of those that I found out there when I went a searching for a place to waste said hard earned money.

You all have probably seen these by Sally Hansen. Booty Camp! $10. What woman wouldn't love pink camo!?!

Booty Camp! 

With "native" becoming all the rage, these are a perfect look to seal the deal. From Nail Fraud $8.00

Ethnic Print

 Here are a few wild ones from Nail Rock. There were so many unique looks I just couldn't choose! I love them all!

Nail Rock

All of these are beautiful and the choices are endless. But the one that intrigued me this tutorial on nail marbling on Youtube.

Anyone can do it. It looks like fun and I can't wait to try it out. There's several techniques on Youtube so here's a chance to learn something new and really be creative without breaking your budget.

If any of you get the chance to try this out, please let me know how you felt about it!!!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Preview 2

Wide Leg Railroad Jeans

Here's the next installment of my Spring 2012 line. I'm really looking forward to the spring because Houston has had a pretty nasty, mostly rainy winter this year. It's kind of depressing. For spring I'm loving soft colors and chic designs. Never predictable. I believe a woman should follow her own path. Break some rules! Be a trendsetter, if only in our own minds! Let's tell ourselves everyday, "Bitch, I Am Fabulous!'. And believe it.
These are my Wide Leg Denim Railroad Jeans in Black & Gold and Brown & White. The ones in Blue & White was a great design and I completely sold out of that fabric. To these I added a optional long double tie belt but left the loop holes open for a wider belt. This gives off a great silhouette and has that Asian influence that I love so much!

Black & Gold

Brown & White

Needless to say, these are very comfortable. Great with sandals or heels. There are front slash pockets and back pockets with an accented exposed zipper.The fabric is cotton denim with a bit of spandex for stretchy comfort. Price is $95.00.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Preview

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, Spring is just around the corner. Fashion designers such as myself are always planning ahead. One of the things that really inspired me was the Pink Furla Candy Bag. I certainly didn't have anything so soft and feminine in my product line to compliment such a beautiful bag! So I pulled out pattern paper and set to drawing something.

This is the Scarf Top done in the palest of pinks. I made it to tie at the neck and flair out at the hips. It's perfect for jeans or legging. Request it a bit longer and wear it as a dress! I offer it in several colors so there's quite a variety. And of course I added my Pink Furla Candy Bag. Perfect!

Bow Scarf Top as dress

Bow tied at the neck.

I have other new designs coming all this month! Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pantone's Fashion Color of the Year - Tangerine Tango

Hmmmm! How do you feel about that? Tangarine Tango is the forecast color of 2012, so says the color experts, Pantone. I'm not sure how I feel about orange as a hot color this year. Oh, come one.... tangerine .... orange.  Potato ... Po Tat To. It's orange! Nevertheless, it is suppose to be a hot color this year and even I want to be ready.

I think Tangarine Tango is wonderful to chic up those drab winter colors! Instead of running out and getting a full ensemble of orange that would just be a shock to any system and possibly send the "fashion police" to your door to issue a warning, try a bit of accessorizing first. Baby steps. Here are a few items that I found that won't break your wallet or get you arrested.

Leather Envelope Clutch $19
Sperry Rain Boots  $60

Deco Ring - Blonde Chick $22

OPI Nail - A Good Man-darin ... $12

FineThreadz Ruffle Top $35

Michael Kors Ostrich Bag $398

As you can see,  you really don't have to break the bank to add a little Tangerine Tango to your life. You can take this as far as you want .... or at least as far as your Visa card will allow. When I went searching for some of the best items I could find in orange....ahem.... Tangerine Tango, I really was overwhelmed. There are so many gorgeous fashion pieces to be found in this color.  If you have a favorite, please share! I'd love to see it.

 As you can see I've added my own contribution to what is sure to be a wonderful fashion craze this year! However,  if Tangarine Tango isn't your thing, I also offer my ruffle top in 15 other colors! I don't do girly very much. My designs lean more of the side of sexy or practical. I guess there's been no middle ground with me. Certainly no room for romantic or feminine. This time I wanted to try something soft. Something with a little flow without the frilly. Sorry. I hate frilly. Well I hate it today. But who knows where my design evolution will take me as time goes by.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo of the Month - January 2012

Yep, even a squirrel has prayers!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Simply Must Have It - Furla Pink Candy Bag

I'll start by confessing I'm a designer bag hag. No matter how many expensive designer handbags I have, I always want one more. I have my favs like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach! Not big on Chanel, Fendi or Prada. It's all about what I like, not the price. Because if I like it, I'll move heaven and earth to get one. This past Christmas I had to have a Furla Limited Edition Pink Candy bag. When I say limited, there were supposedly only 150 made and sold worldwide. I simply must have it!

Getting one was a horrible experience that totally ruined my Christmas. It seems the big international retail, Furla, in New York, decided to do Christmas instead of customer service. The bag cost $398.00 and there was an offer of free 2 day shipping. On the Dec  22, I placed my order and inquired via customer service email about whether it would get to me by Christmas Eve. Nothing. They never responded back. So I found the customer service phone number and I guess Laurie (yes, only one customer service rep in New York!!!!!) was off for Christmas. And Furla's customer service voice mail box was full! Can you believe that crap!?! What frigging retailer takes off for Christmas? Anyway, the next day, I log into Furla and it says my order was shipped. They never bothered to send me a shipping confirmation number, email... nothing. Oh but it gets worse. Here I am hoping to get the bag before Christmas and that only left Christmas Eve. I log into Furla again hoping for some dregs of information and my account shows a total different bag had been shipped! WTF? Okay by this point I'm pissed and there was no one to ream out over my fucking order. The 23rd past with no response from Furla. The 24th passed. I didn't get it before Christmas, and at that point I wasn't sure what bag was coming. The 25th passed. The 26th arrived and Laurie's still out on Christmas holiday! UPS and USPS weren't running...they were all doing Christmas too. On the 27th, I got my bag. Yep, it was the right bag. It was the Furla Limited Edition Pink Candy Bag!

Furla Limited Edition Pink Candy Bag
I love it! This is my second Furla Limited Edition Candy Bag. The first was an all black that was also limited, but not to a lowly 150 available worldwide. The bottom is a snakeskin print leather and the strap is something new. First time I'd ever seen one. The plastic is a pale pink PVC and as far as bags go, that plastic is a bit heavy.

After the bad experience I had with Furla over getting my order, you'd think I'd be willing to forgive and forget. Nope. I've written a letter to the company president. My 25 years in customer service won't allow me to just let this crap go. Improvements need to be made. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an Italian address for Furla yet. If anyone knows how to got about getting that, by all means, please share.


Update --- Want to see the bag in action? Check out my Spring Preview!