Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Simply Must Have It - Furla Pink Candy Bag

I'll start by confessing I'm a designer bag hag. No matter how many expensive designer handbags I have, I always want one more. I have my favs like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach! Not big on Chanel, Fendi or Prada. It's all about what I like, not the price. Because if I like it, I'll move heaven and earth to get one. This past Christmas I had to have a Furla Limited Edition Pink Candy bag. When I say limited, there were supposedly only 150 made and sold worldwide. I simply must have it!

Getting one was a horrible experience that totally ruined my Christmas. It seems the big international retail, Furla, in New York, decided to do Christmas instead of customer service. The bag cost $398.00 and there was an offer of free 2 day shipping. On the Dec  22, I placed my order and inquired via customer service email about whether it would get to me by Christmas Eve. Nothing. They never responded back. So I found the customer service phone number and I guess Laurie (yes, only one customer service rep in New York!!!!!) was off for Christmas. And Furla's customer service voice mail box was full! Can you believe that crap!?! What frigging retailer takes off for Christmas? Anyway, the next day, I log into Furla and it says my order was shipped. They never bothered to send me a shipping confirmation number, email... nothing. Oh but it gets worse. Here I am hoping to get the bag before Christmas and that only left Christmas Eve. I log into Furla again hoping for some dregs of information and my account shows a total different bag had been shipped! WTF? Okay by this point I'm pissed and there was no one to ream out over my fucking order. The 23rd past with no response from Furla. The 24th passed. I didn't get it before Christmas, and at that point I wasn't sure what bag was coming. The 25th passed. The 26th arrived and Laurie's still out on Christmas holiday! UPS and USPS weren't running...they were all doing Christmas too. On the 27th, I got my bag. Yep, it was the right bag. It was the Furla Limited Edition Pink Candy Bag!

Furla Limited Edition Pink Candy Bag
I love it! This is my second Furla Limited Edition Candy Bag. The first was an all black that was also limited, but not to a lowly 150 available worldwide. The bottom is a snakeskin print leather and the strap is something new. First time I'd ever seen one. The plastic is a pale pink PVC and as far as bags go, that plastic is a bit heavy.

After the bad experience I had with Furla over getting my order, you'd think I'd be willing to forgive and forget. Nope. I've written a letter to the company president. My 25 years in customer service won't allow me to just let this crap go. Improvements need to be made. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an Italian address for Furla yet. If anyone knows how to got about getting that, by all means, please share.


Update --- Want to see the bag in action? Check out my Spring Preview!


Stacy Rajab said...

I'm a bag-girl, too! Except I'm a Prada and Chloe fan..lol Your Furla is amaaaazing!

Fine-Threadz said...

I like some Chloes! Haven't found one that I just felt I had to have. Not yet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi.....so is it safe to say that I can't expect Furla's customer service to respond to me then?

I also sent a general enquiry to their International email, I bought a Practica tote 2 weeks ago and can you believe that one of the stitches of the strap has come loose with regular use!!

I wanted to find out whether they offer free re-stitching since it's not a major damage before taking my bag to the repair.

I must say that from previous experience, customer service usually responds within 12 hours. If it's more than that then you really can't expect so much.

Fine-Threadz said...

Sorry but I don't have anything good to say about Furla's customer service at this time. There were some mitigating circumstances when I dealt with them, like a major holiday. But since they're a business and I own my own business, I'm not so forgiving of shoddy service. I sure as hell can't get away with that with my customers, so why should Furla?

Good luck on getting help with your bag. Be sure to let me know how it turns out. :-)