Sunday, November 14, 2010

That Patent Leather Pillow is Driving Me Crazy!

Status report.

I still haven't managed to close up that red leather pillow, so I can't really finish the lesson on it. What's the problem? Well I'd like to close it up neat enough to impress my readers, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. Closing up a leather pillow is hard enough. Really. But to close a patent leather pillow is a lot harder. Patent leather is tacky, so when you run it under a sewing machine, it tends to stick to the plastic and it won't run smoothly. I've always used a bit of talc powder to alleviate that tackiness, but I don't use much for fear of getting it into the working parts of my machines and ruining them. So in the end, it didn't run under the feed dog as smoothly as I'd hoped and the stitch is messy. Usually I'd say screw it, neaten it up as much as I can and sell it. Never once had a customer complain. One look at it and they can pretty much tell why it's like that. Plus, they just don't care about stuff like that. If it's neatened up, hard to see without close analysis, customers tend to say "screw it" too. LOL!  I've been lucky.

[caption id="attachment_774" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="Industrial sewing machine with post"][/caption]

I really should have gotten the industrial sewing machine with the post. This is the type of machine they use to make leather boots, hats and handbags. Big bulky items. I have 8 different sewing machine, but never enough of them. I'm always buying one more that will handle a new function. I hesitated getting one sent from Canada last year and now I regret it. The one pictured above cost $1200. And sad to say, it wouldn't be the most expensive machine in my collection if I were to buy it. This girl takes the tools of her trade seriously! One look at it and you see why I'm knocking myself around for not getting it. It would easily sew around a bulky pillow and never miss a beat. Tackiness wouldn't be an issue because there wouldn't be any contact with the machine except for right under the feed dog. Add a walking foot and there you go.




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