Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Move to Blogger

As you can see I've managed to get most of the move out of the way. I'm still straightening up some things and working to set everything up the way I want it. So far so good. I didn't talk about moving my blog first, but it had been on my mind for weeks. I could never get my WordPress blog to look the way I wanted it to. It's not easy to use and to make any real changes I would have had to learn some more HTML. I just didn't have time for that. So here I am, now on Blogger and I can't believe how user-friendly it is. With a push of a few buttons I can change just about anything on my page. Very easy. No wonder all of my friend's blogs look so great. I was the only one at WP and it showed in the design of my blog there.

So now I'm set up at a new location. Not really a big deal in the grand scheme of thing. Onward and upward.


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