Sunday, November 28, 2010

Japanese Obi Belt

Here are the new Japanese Obi Belts that I have finished making. Brown is great, and of course, it's by far my most popular color, but I wanted to make a couple more in a different color before the holiday rush.
Japanese Obi Belt - Golden Croc

Japanese Obi Belt - Lipstick Red

The gold crocodile is made of a thicker stiffer leather. It also has a distressed gold finish. I love it! It is texturally intriguing. Adds a bit of flash to an outfit without over powering it. It's obviously one of a kind, for now. Don't know if I have enough leather to make another. So this is one that will really make an impact to an outfit. It's in a size x-small to small. 

The red one is a in a softer top grain leather with a pebbly texture. I add a little extra stitching but I didn't put a backing on it. I never line my leathers if I can help it. Can't see a reason too. It's leather. Why try to make it into something else? Anyway I made this one with extra long straps so that you'll be able to have some flexibility as far as how you tie it. 

I guess I'm done for the day. :-)


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