Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recent leather project

A customer recently ask me to redo a leather chair for her. She wanted it in the same LV leather that she had me make pillows for her.  It was one of those chairs where she sent me the leather off of it and I had to recreate the pieces that go back on the metal frame. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to without the frame with me for trial and error fitting. Here is the finished project, sent back to her, and placed on the frame.

Black Leather Chair using LV leather

Here are the leather pillows that I created for her.

Red & Black Leather Pillows

I used to work with leather more often but have since moved to clothing design so I don't do nearly as much.  Lately I've been making a few leather fashion accessories for my clothing shop. Right now I'm working on a hair on tiger print double wrap belt. I'm not using this project for a leather sewing leather because I'm using quite a few advance techniques. Instead of using lambskin, I'm using a thick cowhide. I'm also adding studs and that requires a leather punch to make the holes. Plus I'm using the leather punch to make the belt holes and adding a buckle. So not a beginner project. Actually it could very well be a beginner's project, but it would be questionable as to whether a regular home sewing machine would be powerful enough to sew through the cowhide.  It would have to be able to sew through heavy cowhide and vinyl because I added a that to the back of it.  The maker would also have to have a leather punch kit and a stud /grommet punch. As soon as I finish the project, I'll take a picture and place it on here.

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