Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Hell of a Week - Update

First off I want to let everyone know that we had a death in the family. My aunt, whom I was very closed to passed away after a long battle to stay alive. She'd been in the hospital for weeks. She fought so hard. We would go visit her and her fist would be clenched. She didn't want to die, but she was called home anyway. And I miss her so much. Okay enough of that... I'll start crying again.

Club activities have kept me busy. And designing, of course. Yesterday I finally created my first leather belt project, but I'm not too pleased with it. I was going to embellish it later with silver studs. I can't find my studs.

Teal Tassel Belt

I took detailed pictures of how to do the belt. I love the color and I love the tassel. I also like how I made it long enough to wrap around twice.  Very simple to make.  What I don't like are the pictures. I didn't have any jeans to put on Amanda, so the color of the clothes on her above, don't do the teal color any justice. Anyway the belt is fun and easy to do. Can be done on a regular sewing machine. When I compile it all together into a lesson, I will offer a giveaway to the first person who comments on my blog, enough d-rings to do this project.

I am working on another belt, but it would definitely be considered an advanced project. It's with hair on cowhide leather and many of the home sewing machines couldn't handle it. A heavy duty could handle some cowhide, if it's not too thick and if you use a leather sewing needle. Unfortunately, for this project, I'm using hair on cowhide leather (That stuff is always thick, has to be to hold the hair in), backed by vinyl. I'm adding a plastic tortoise shell buckle and I'm using special leather punches to create the holes. So I can't teach this one. I rarely ever work with lambskin so I don't have much of it on hand. I prefer cowhide because it is thick and you don't have to use a stabilizer to stiffen it.


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