Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Handbag Design

It has been wonderful getting back to working with leather. Sure, I love making clothes! Who doesn't? But I love working with leather. Why not make leather clothes? I really don't care for working with lambskin, and that really is the most appropriate leather for clothes. I'm still working on the white leather jacket. But I have so many projects on my table, you would not believe! And of course, I must always put customer's orders first. 

I've been making a few handbags. Nothing new. I've been making them for years, but not on Etsy. So now I've added handbags to my designer line and I'm just having so much fun at it. Here's my latest design.

Britt Bag in Deep Plum
I made this one with 4 leather panels on each side. I offset the squares just a bit. I didn't want the whole thing to look too match-y. I decided to price all of my bags at $125 each. Yeah, I know I could get more, but I don't want making the bags to become a complicated messy job. They are really simple bags.

I also have a couple of new leather in my Town line. May as well show them off too while I'm at it. 

Town Bag in Absolut Silver
This one is a metallic silver leather with white stitching and silver hardware!

Town Bag in Black Bomber

This one is made with really bomber jacket leather! Direct from Italy!

I have two more leather bags to do for the new year. Back to work I go.



Anonymous said...

Your bags are amazing! You can't possibly use the same machine you use for your clothes, do you?

Fine-Threadz said...

Hi Randomcatgirl,

No, I use a couple of other machines, mostly industrial for sewing leather. But check out my previous blog entry on how to sew leather on a regular sewing machine if you'd like to learn more. Thank you.