Friday, December 3, 2010

I Simply Must Have It - Curly Mulberry Scarf

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the wonderful women in your life without breaking your budget, I have just the gift for you. There I was too broke to bother with gifts this year with the economy being what it is, when a new member joined the TreasureMe Team. I'm a member of that team and in the process of pulling together my latest treasury I discovered these Curly Mulberry Scarves.

The name of the shop is My Knit Crochet and she's in Turkey. Her items are listed on Etsy and the price range is $10 - 70. I ended up ordering five of these gorgeous and supremely unique Curly Mulberry Scarves. At $10 each, they just couldn't be beat. And for the ladies that I bought them for, they will never guess how affordable they were. Plus when I tell them they were made in Turkey, they'll swear I spent a fortune. How can they not? You wear one of these scarves and you'll look like a million!

Zeynep is a wonderful seller to work with. You can't beat $10 for such a gorgeous item, but remember she's in Turkey. If you're going to order, do it early, due to international shipping times. You want to be sure to get them before Christmas. 

I simply had to have them!


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